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In this issue of SVN Student Filmmaking

Filmmakers that get the best results from breaking the rules of screen grammar already know the rules inside and out.
Starting from scratch, and trying to fund your entire film? Use Kickstarter.
The belief is that there are stage actors and screen actors, film directors and theatre directors.
The multitude of scammers and ethics-light opportunists who prowl the Internet also seem to have their dirty fingers in the film festival scene and scam events represent a risk to unwary filmmakers everywhere.
Should You Use Dutch Angles in Your Films? (Answer: Yes, But...)
Shaky-cam doesn't work on a human level: we, as humans, don't see that way. Ever.
It can help to convey a plot line, enhance key elements such as set color or skin tone, and signals the difference between comedy and drama, reality and fantasy.
Ninety-eight percent of spec scripts are dead on arrival. Here's why!
Nearly four hours of professionally recorded footage provided an intense overview of the artistic elements and core principles of cinematography.
Lighting is an integral component of professional imagery - photographers, broadcasters, and cinematographers rely on ideal lighting to convey meaning and evoke emotion within their chosen medium.

New Products you should know about

One of the most exciting announcements to come out of last year’s NAB was undoubtedly Blackmagic Design’s new 4.6K capable URSA Mini.
The NEW Stella Line from Light & Motion represents the most powerful, compact, rugged lights available for imaging professionals.

A New Film: Glow

GLOW: A new film from Haley Bishop Read More